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Our Green Economy Plan

Our aim is to make Gladstone 200% renewable by 2050.

That means that all industry in Gladstone would be powered by renewable sources, and we would export a similar amount of energy. 

We are all aware that fossil fuels have a limited life span and that places such as Gladstone need to transition to renewable energy. As the world moves on to clean energy, we have the choice – we can be at the front, or at the back. 

To achieve this goal in the short amount of time which is required, we need a plan. We cannot rely on government to do this for us, so we are creating a community driven transition plan which will be hosted here. This will be a living document, with many changes over time.

For the time being, the focus has to be on everyone’s  health and well being, but the coronavirus emergency won’t last forever. Once this terrible time has passed, there will be a need for governments to stimulate the economy to help provide new green jobs for the massive number of people who will need them.

This will be a timely opportunity with huge potential for the Australian government to stimulate the economy by focusing on the other global crisis – global warming and emissions reduction.

Well-designed, future-looking stimulus projects could include:

– large-scale investments and recovery packages in clean energy technologies such as solar, wind, and green hydrogen

– building major infrastructure like fixing the national grid to manage increased renewables

– encouraging investment in manufacturing in Australia for EVs, batteries, and other things needed for a sustainable economy

Re-training workers to cleaner, greener, more sustainable industries.

We can build a carbon-neutral, significantly stronger and fairer society, and provide millions of jobs at the same time.

If you have any suggestions about topics to add or you can submit information please contact us at

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