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How much power do we need?


Annual scope 1&2 emissions on the Clean Energy Regulator website

Default emission factors can be found in the NGER Measurement Determination

See Schedule 1 for fuels and electricity factors

Safeguard mechanism emissions data for sites – >100,000 t CO2-e (excludes power generators)

Scope 1 emissions by site

Rio Tinto’s Climate Change report 2019

Includes decarbonisation targets and data by commodity

Australian Aluminium Council – industry summary

Has sustainability data including energy and emissions information from all refineries and aluminium smelters in Australia.

The Australian emissions projections report 2019


QAL uses approximately the same amount of electricity each day as Brisbane, all of Brisbane, not just domestic dwellings.

Note: they also burn enough natural gas to evaporate all the water in 20 olympic sized swimming pools.


The Gladstone Power Station generates a maximum of 1,680MW of electricity.

 A 1000 MegaWatt power plant, running at 100% capacity factor  generates 1,000,000,000 watts of power i.e. 1000 x 1,000,000 (Mega is one million i.e. Ten to the power of six) per hour.

 So, the plant produces 365 x 24 x 1000 MegaWatt hours of power, if it runs all 365 days a year,  24 hours per day at full capacity factor.

Which is enough to light 2 million good old 100W bulbs, anytime, for as long as you want.

BSL: 900 megawatts

90 million 100 watt light bulbs

1 megawatt can supply the needs of approximately, 600 Australian homes (average use = 18kWh per day, 6,750kWh p.a.  Note American homes consume 10,000 kWh per year, something not noted in Planet of the Humans.)

Therefore BSL uses the equivalent electricity of 500 000 homes.

Australia = 9 million homes.

Queensland = 4 million people, 1.6 million homes.

Brisbane = 2.5 million people in 900,000 homes

Gladstone = 60,000 people in 20,000 homes.

Bundaberg = 93,000 people in 43,000 homes.

So, if I’m in the ballpark here, BSL uses enough electricity to roughly power for Gladstone and Bundaberg combined, which is approximately half of Brisbane’s domestic electricity requirements.

 If a solar panels’ dimensions are 1m x 1.5 metres,

To make up a 10kW Solar System you need 40 1m x 1.5 metre solar panels, assuming you use 250W panels, you’ll need 64m2 of roof space.

9,000,000 x 64 m2 = 576,000,000 sq. mts, 576 sq. klms, or, 57 600 hectares.

Gladstone City Centre is 240 km2 – Google Map ( red outline on map,151.2592998,13.5z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x6bc27489ada17a29:0x500eef17f210e60!8m2!3d-23.8415948!4d151.2497708 )

To power BSL you’d need just under 3000,000 roof top solar panels (1/3 of Australia’s homes or 3 times the amount of homes currently in QLd) with 10 kW systems.

Or, a patch of land approx.. 13 500,000 sq. mts = 3,333 acres, or 1350 hectares, which is approximately ½ the size of Facing island (have a look at the map to gauge size).